We’re finished with our newly designed Model 605 Rimfire Action.  This action is unique to us and represents the level of ingenuity the industry has come to expect from BlackOps Precision.  The Model 605 will accept all currently available triggers manufactured for the Remington Model 700 and will fit into any currently manufactured Remington 700 SA stock or chassis system.  Everything else is pure BlackOps Precision.  Our exclusive rimfire “Tactical” magazine will plug into any currently available DBM that accepts the AICS SA magazine and the system is Patent Pending.  We also convert the Remington 40X (and 40XB) Single Shot Rimfire to function with our unique Repeater capability. This will allow the use of the BlackOps Precision Rimfire Magazine to be used with any DBM that accepts an AICS Magazine.  Price of the conversion is $597, which includes one magazine.  Each additional magazine is $38.

Ravage Rimfire Rifle Package (pictured above)

Base Price:  $4725