Whether you’re a Squad Designated Marksman or a Trained SCOUT Sniper, the SPECTER-Bolt Action Battle Rifle will fit the mission. It’s light, fast and versatile and it’s perfectly adept in the close urban environment (MOUT) or from expedient or static field positions. The SPECTER-BABR was designed with versatility in mind and to precisely engage targets from 25 to 800 meters.

• BlackOps Precision Model 911 SPECTER Tactical Action (feeds from AICS and AW Magazines interchangeably)
• Match Chambered in .308 Win with BlackOps Proprietary Reamer (also available in .223)
• 18″ Krieger Tight Bore SPECTER Contour 5R Barrel
• Surefire QD Suppressor Adapter/Flash Hider
• BlackOps Precision 20MOA MilStd 1913 Rail with BlackOps Precision Integral BUIS System
• BlackOps Precision Enhanced Heavy Duty DBM (accepts AICS and AW Magazines)
• BlackOps Precision Pillar System
• BlackOps Precision SPECTER Night Vision Mount or BlackOps Precision Embedded Front Rail
• BlackOps Precision Trigger (Manufactured for us by Timney)
• BlackOps/ Manners Special Application Stock
• Custom Cerakote FinishThe SPECTER-BABR weighs in at a mere 10 pounds in full load-out and it offers the speed, versatility and precision in the field that no other currently fielded bolt action tactical rifle systems offer.

Base Price:  $6625